Our main service offering is in-box marketing which involves broadcasting commercial messages, newsletters, announcements and invitations to our customer’s permission-based databases of recipients via email. We do offer some other services and products as well, including digital advertising for social media, website design, contest landing pages, and more. We also partner with other specialized providers for web design, video production, text services. 

Using state of the art broadcasting tools and a solid white list reputation among the various North American ISP’s, MyClients can design and broadcast your email communication on time and into your valuable customer’s inboxes.

Email Newsletter Design

MyClients Digital Marketing engages a team of talented graphic designers to create premium email newsletters that reflect your companies brand and image. Unlike most industry players, MyClients offers our clients the opportunity to simply provide the newsletter content and let our graphic designers create the finished product for you. This saves our clients from having to spend their time formatting and editing newsletters by letting the experts handle this task.


Enhance your company’s relationship with your current or prior customers, building customer engagement.

To encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

To have your existing customers purchase items through actionable email.

To educate your customers on new product or service offerings.

The main purpose of using permission based email marketing is to:


Digital Ad Design

MyClients Digital Marketing engages a team of talented graphic designers to create graphic ads for all your digital advertising needs. Trained in creating digital advertising for all required sizes, Facebook, Google Adwords, Instagram, Twitter or for your own website, MyClients has the staff to accomplish hitting your target.

Digital Ad Space
Placement Services

MyClients Digital Marketing will place your digital advertising within the best targetted vehicles your need to reach your audience. Ask us about Facebook Advertising or targeted Adwords placement.

Easy Email Creation

MyClients Digital Marketing also offers a new state of the art email creation tool for those customers who want to do it themselves.  Create and send out quick email blasts to your database. This tool is available as part of our service package or can be used on a stand-alone basis for those clients wish to create and broadcast on their own.



Statistics Package

MyClients Digital Marketing offers a back-end infrastructure that allows our clients to view detailed statistics on Email Marketing for opened emails, clicked on links, bounced emails, unsubscribes, from what device opened the email and a number of other useful statistics. Digital Advertising stats packages will allow us to supply similar statistics as the Email Marketing.

Product and Services


MyClients Digital Marketing has developed a new survey tool that allows our customers to simply provide us with the survey questions and responses and let our design teams take care of the formatting and broadcasting to your database of customers and prospects. It is also easy to do this on your own if you wish.

RSVP Forms and 
Actionable Email 

MyClients Digital Marketing has assisted many of our clients in the creation & design of custom invitations for store openings, special events, and seminars that require a RVSP form. We can link the registration with your Paypal account to handle any required payments. We also have the ability to create a custom shopping cart if you are looking for a more elaborate dedicated sales gateway.

Website Sign-up

MyClients Digital Marketing strictly adheres to the Federal Government anti-spam legislation to protect our clients from complaints. Through the use of double-opt-in permission-based sign up forms like the one we designed for Marble Slab Creamery and a data capture card for retail counters and trade shows, we have your database creation tools taken care of securely and in Canada.