Who We Are

MyClients Digital Marketing Inc. is an established and accomplished full-service digital-marketing agency based in Edmonton, Alberta, that was originally founded in 2004 and today works with hundreds of clients across Canada and the United States. 

About Us

Our Senior leadership has over 50 years of marketing and advertising experience.  The focus has changed over the years from paper and television to online world and digital creation as the vehicles but the strategies are the key to delivering success.


We pride ourselves on assisting our clients develop 100% permission-based email databases that are compliant with both Canadian and U.S. Federal Government legislation. Our clients are then able to turn their database into an effective sales and communication tool by engaging with our team of designers and IT professionals to deliver high quality branded email to their customers and prospects.


Rather than providing a simple template and letting the customer do all the work of formatting, designing and broadcasting their email campaigns, our customers simply provide content through our Support Request form and let our team of professional designers take care of the process.


What We Deliver:

  • A unique approach to assisting our clients build their permission based email database both online and off-line that it is 100% compliant with Canadian CASL rules, 2011 Federal Anti-Spam legislation and now the European Union's GDPR.
  • A team of talented marketers and designers to make our client's email campaigns both unique and in keeping with their brand image.
  • Custom email campaign strategies and tactics that fit our clients needs and budgets.
  • Social media integration to expand our client’s marketing campaign reach.